The fiscal year for federally funded programs starts October 1 and ends September 30. The fiscal year for state-funded programs starts September 1 and ends August 31.

Ordering and Receiving

Charge goods to the state fiscal year in which they were ordered. The receive date does not have to fall within the start and end dates and may be in the following fiscal year.

Example: A special order of a wheelchair on August 3, 2015, using Program 2015 VR Basic Support. The start date is the date the order was placed—06/03/2015.

The end date is the anticipated receipt date and, because of ReHabWorks requirement, must be within the state fiscal year. In this case, the anticipated receipt date is after the end of the fiscal year, so enter in ReHabWorks the end date of the fiscal year, 08/31/2015.

Since the chair is a good, the chair's receive date can be later than the anticipated end date. If the chair arrives September 27, 2015, enter 09/27/2015 as the receive date.