ReHabWorks is the electronic case management system that interfaces with the state comptroller to track and authorize payments for all consumer goods and services.

Purchasing documentation is maintained in both ReHabWorks and in the paper case file.

For more information on documentation requirements, see Chapter 2: CRS Principles, 2.8 Quality Program Management in Documentation, and Chapter 8: Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP).

Paper Case File Documentation

All documents related to the purchasing process are legal records and must be maintained in the consumer's paper case file.

Purchasing documents include:

  • bids;
  • invoices;
  • reports;
  • service authorizations; and
  • related correspondence.

Purchasing documentation must be date-stamped on the date that it is received in the CRS program office. Purchasing documentation must be filed in the consumer's paper case file once the purchasing documentation has been processed.

ReHabWorks does not maintain copies of service authorizations (SA) as they are revised. Print, sign, and file a paper copy of the SA in the consumer's paper case file when the SA is generated.

To ensure that the provider's file accurately reflects the purchasing activities in ReHabWorks, a copy of the SA must be sent to the provider when it is generated. If an SA is changed in any manner, a copy of the new signed SA must also be kept in the consumer's paper case file and sent to the provider as notification of the change. A staff member also must send documentation to service providers when the remaining open-balance quantity is reduced or reaches zero.