The policies and procedures in this chapter describe the requirements for purchasing of goods and services for CRS consumers. Information about goods and services that have additional requirements (such as approvals, consultations, or specific documentation) are located within the specific section of the policy manual for that service (for example, assistive technology or in-house providers).

Policy establishes basic statewide operating principles for programs that:

  • define services and service limitations; and
  • support the highest possible compliance with federal and state law through:
    • best-value purchasing;
    • comparable benefits before authorizing and or paying for consumer goods and services;
    • documentation in ReHabWorks and/or the consumer case file;
    • informed consumer choice;
    • professional and ethical obligations (see Chapter 2: CRS Principles, 2.5 Building Ethical Relationships);
    • provider and facility qualifications (see CRS Standards for Providers Manual); and
    • Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (see Chapter 8: Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP).