To report allegations of abuse, neglect, or exploitation, the person who has cause to believe that abuse, neglect, or exploitation has occurred:

  1. immediately contacts law enforcement, if the incident is a threat to health or safety;
  2. immediately reports the incident to the appropriate investigatory agency;
  3. documents in the consumer’s case file which investigatory agency was contacted, including the reference number provided by the investigatory agency; and
  4. notifies his or her manager, supervisor, or the appropriate contract manager of the allegation.

The supervisor, manager, or the appropriate contract manager:

  1. consults with the Health and Human Services (HHS) Employee Relations Unit staff member assigned to the CRS program for next steps;
  2. consults with HHS Legal Services, as appropriate; and
  3. fills out an HHS-4740 Security Incident Report within 48 hours of the date the allegation was made and forwards it by email to:

If a licensed professional is involved as an alleged perpetrator, the information must be reported to the appropriate professional licensure agency as well.

If injuries are sustained as the result of an alleged incident, the employee, supervisor, manager, or appropriate contract manager must also:

  1. enter an Accident/Incident report in CAPPS, then download and email an electronic copy to the CRS Incident Report mailbox; or
  2. complete HR0805, Accident/Incident Investigation Report, and submit the form to