Table: Required Procedures when Purchasing Home Modification

Service Description Procedure

Creating or enhancing access to the house or apartment or making residential features more accessible (that is, those features critical to participation in rehabilitation services or necessary for the consumer's independence).

May include construction of ramps, adaptive equipment such as stair glides and lifts, and household equipment.

Consult with a CRS central office staff member as needed to ensure that the most practical modification equipment is used.

If equipment such as a porch or ramp is attached (for example, bolted or nailed) to the property, obtain a written agreement using the format and language in DARS3403, Consumer Residence Modification Agreement, from the property owner.

If the modification costs more than $700, clearly justify that the modification supports the consumer's planned rehabilitation outcome.

If the modification costs more than $1,000, purchase a lien-examination from either a title insurance company or another source, such as a law office.

If there is a lien, provide a copy of DARS3403, Consumer Residence Modification Agreement, to the lien holder, and request that the lien holder expressly disclaim in writing any interest in the equipment installed in the residence by the CRS program using DARS3426, Residence or Job Site Modification, Express Waiver of Right to DRS Equipment.

If the lien holder will not sign the disclaimer, contact Legal Services for guidance.

When circumstances require minor changes in the agreement, contact Legal Services for guidance as to whether the property is owned by the consumer or another person.

Provide one copy of DARS3403, Consumer Residence Modification Agreement, to the property owner. Keep the original DARS3403 in the case file.