In the behavior intervention plan (BIP), the behavior analyst summarizes the findings of the functional behavior assessment (FBA) and describes:

  • the strategies to prevent problem behaviors;
  • the strategies to address problem behaviors when they occur;
  • the behaviors that the consumer can substitute for problem behaviors;
  • the goals and objectives related to successful rehabilitation;
  • a plan to monitor the consumer's progress; and
  • recommendations for individual, group, or a combination of interventions and the number of intervention hours necessary to achieve the goals.

Development of the BIP should not exceed four hours. Intervention may vary from two to 10 or more hours a week, but should not exceed 30 hours.

If an intervention is not effective within the time frame recommended in the BIP, discuss with the behavior analyst whether a new FBA and BIP would be appropriate. The approval of the manager is required for a new FBA and BIP.