Effective October 6, 2017

The following changes were made:

Section Title Change
2341 Financial Application Process Adds the case worker may use Form H1200-EZ, Application for Assistance – Aged and Disabled, and initial paperwork for 90 days if an applicant is requesting reapplication.
2342.3 Exception Criteria for Referrals to PHC or CAS  Allows the case worker to use the same application and forms for a Family Care release that were received during an initial visit for Community Attendant Services (CAS), which may be denied if the subsequent Family Care release is within 90 days of the CAS application.
2670 Notification at Reassessment Removes selecting “Rights and Responsibilities Discussed with the Client” in the Service Authorization System Financial Wizard.
2831 Suspensions Due to Refusal to Comply with Service Delivery Provisions Adds after the interdisciplinary team meeting, the case worker must send the individual a letter within five working days.
7320 Use of the Monitoring Wizard Revises the reasons for using the Service Authorization System Monitoring Wizard and adds Form 2314, Satisfaction and Service Monitoring, is used at monitoring visits.