A complaint against a person certified by DARS DHHS should be submitted to DARS DHHS, detailing any alleged violations or objectionable actions. Form 3950, Board for Evaluation of Interpreters (BEI) General Complaints, may also be used to file a complaint. The complaint and any supporting documentation must be mailed to DARS DHHS within 90 days of the alleged incidents. Acceptable methods of submitting a complaint include through email, facsimile, or such media as YouTube that can capture sign-language messages.

Please note that the DARS DHHS interpreter complaint process applies only to DARS DHHS certified interpreters. DARS DHHS does not have legal authority regarding the actions of interpreters who are not certified by DARS DHHS (with the possible exception of non-court-certified interpreters performing court interpreter services for the hearing impaired). However, when appropriate and to the extent possible, DARS DHHS attempts to assist in the resolution of any complaints filed against a non-DARS DHHS-certificate holder.