Effective Date: 5/2002


PDF: RG-83.pdf



Updated: 11/1988


To notify and request staff to resolve a discrepancy between the Social Security number (SSN) information on SAVERR records and Social Security Administration (SSA) records. The discrepancy is caused by

  • a difference in names,
  • a difference in birthdates, or
  • an impossible SSN.

Procedure and Distribution

The RG-83 is produced only for discrepancies resulting from SSNs that state office has not validated with SSA.

One copy of RG-83 is sent to the worker.

The RG-83A, a master list of all discrepancy formis received in the unit, is sent to the supervisor.

Note: The RG83 FOLLOW-UP is sent to the worker if the discrepancy has not been resolved in 120 days. These cases are noted on the supervisor's RG-83A with an asterisk.

Form Retention

Workers must

  • keep their reports until cleared, and
  • document the case record to explain any action taken as a result of the report.

Supervisors must keep their unit reports for three years from the report date.


Instructions for clearing the report are printed on each report.

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