Effective Date: 

Effective Date: 5/2016


PDF: LSCS.pdf 

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Updated: 2/2017


  • To provide the Lone Star cardholder with a protective sleeve in which to store the Lone Star Card to prevent damage to the card.
  • To provide the Lone Star cardholder with:
    • information about the Lone Star Card;
    • information on how to report fraud; and
    • the nondiscrimination statement required by the United States Department of Agriculture.


When to Issue

The local office Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) clerk provides the Lone Star Card sleeve with the Lone Star Card when:

  • issuing a card in the local office; or
  • mailing an unregistered Lone Star Card according to the local office security procedures.

When issuing a Lone Star Card, the local office EBT clerk instructs the cardholder on the use of the sleeve to prevent damage to the card.

The EBT Vendor includes a Lone Star Card sleeve with all unregistered Lone Star Cards mailed from its central facility.


Provide a Lone Star Card when issuing or replacing a Lone Star Card.

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