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Updated: 6/2008


The form is used to document the discussion and decision regarding the person's living options according to established guidelines.


When to Prepare

Prepare Form 6620 during the Personal Support Plan (PSP) meeting.


The person served, the legally authorized representative (LAR)/advocate and Personal Support Team (PST) members prepare Form 6620. The qualified intellectual disability professional completes the form.

Form Retention

File Form 6620 in person's record.

Detailed Instructions

Enter person's name and the date.

Discussion Column

Discuss and document a summary of the the following points.

  • The PST will review the Local Authority (LA) Community Living Options Information Worksheet for individuals 22 years of age and older, or most recent LA permanency planning results for those 21 years of age and younger, and identify and document:
    • the awareness by the individual and/or LAR of community living options, which must be based on his or her experience with, information about and exposure to community living options;
    • the preferences of the individual and/or LAR for a specific living option;
    • the supports and services needed by the individual related to safety, mobility, medical, behavioral, psychiatric, work/day activities, quality of life, etc;
    • the LA input and recommendation; and
    • the most appropriate living option for the individual at the current time.
  • Except as provided in the third bullet below, the state supported living center (SSLC) PST will develop, as part of the Personal Support Plan, an action plan to address one or more of the following:
    • the transition process with timelines to facilitate a timely, appropriate and successful transition from the SSLC to the community living option;
    • the supports and services needed by the individual to reside in the preferred community living option at a future date;
    • increasing the individual's awareness of the community living options; and
    • increasing the LAR's awareness of the community living options.
  • An action plan or goal/objective is not required if the individual and/or their LAR is aware of community living options and prefers that the individual remain at the current facility.
  • If there is not consensus by the PST regarding the most appropriate living option at the current time, the SSLC will implement 40 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 2, Division 4, §2.276, of the Continuity of Services Rule, which allows for a review by the head of the SSLC and additional review by the HHSC ombudsman in state office.


  • The person's perspective is crucial in this discussion. Use his or her words if possible.
  • Avoid "canned language." Use clear, definitive language to effectively describe issues and factors discussed.
  • Use respectful language.
  • Remember the following regarding documentation:
    • All sections must be completed.
    • Only the factually competent person and/or LAR may defer discussion of medical, behavioral/psychiatric and quality of life issues. If the factually competent person and/or LAR prefer no further discussion and continue to halt discussion, documentation must reflect their request in that designated area.
    • You must document where the information is obtained when documenting your discussion regarding each issue/factor.

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