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Updated: 9/2012



The letter is used to formally invite the legally authorized representative (LAR), advocate and/or correspondent to attend the Personal Support Plan (PSP) meeting and solicit information regarding the person.



When to Prepare

Send six weeks before the scheduled PSP meeting.

Who Completes Form

Qualified intellectual disability professional (QIDP) or designee completes the form.


Detailed Instructions

  • Determine who will receive an invitation to the PSP meeting.
  • Send invitation letters six weeks before the scheduled PSP meeting date. A response is requested as soon as possible.
  • Enclose Form 6604, Preplanning Questionnaire, and include a return by date.
  • If a response is not received, make a courtesy call to the LAR, advocate or primary correspondent. This call is to ensure the invitation was received and/or to offer time to review the enclosed form with the recipient and to complete it if needed. Document this contact according to facility policy.

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