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Effective Date: 



Updated: 3-2014



Area Agencies on Aging (AAAs) are required to provide the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) with performance measure targets for selected measures. A manual, “Establishing Performance Measure Projections,” was provided to AAAs with information and forms for preparing and submitting performance measure projections to HHSC. Form 2038 is used to:

  • provide AAAs with a standardized method for requesting a performance target revision;
  • reduce the amount of documentation required for a performance measure projection target revision request;
  • provide HHSC a certification from the AAA; and
  • reduce the review and approval time.



When to Prepare

AAAs should request revisions to performance measure targets when the actual performance will exceed the allowed plus or minus 5% variance. Current year approved performance targets are included in the AAA budget sent by HHSC. Approved performance measure targets for subsequent years may be obtained from the approval form mailed to the AAA at the time of approval. For copies of approved targets, contact the Help Desk.


Detailed Instructions

Complete all information requested on the form and sign and date prior to submitting to HHSC. The explanation for the revision must be based on the methodology used to prepare the current approved projection. If the methodology used to prepare the current approved projection was flawed, an explanation of the method used and why the method was flawed must be provided on the form.

Example of a flawed methodology: The AAA based the projected number of care coordination individuals for the year on the number of individuals receiving service during the first six months of the state fiscal year (SFY). The AAA did not consider many of the individuals would continue to receive service during the last six months of the year, thus resulting in fewer new individuals in the last six months of the year.

If the methodology used to prepare the approved projection was correct at the time the Area Plan was prepared, but because of unforeseen circumstances the projections must be revised, an explanation of the revision must be provided.

Example of an unforeseen change in circumstance: Previously, the AAA contracted with four transportation providers who provided services to all of the counties in the region. At the time the projections were prepared, the AAA expected to continue these contracts. Two of the contractors decided not to renew contracts with the AAA. The AAA has been unable to find contractors willing to provide service to the rural areas for a rate close to the rate paid to the former contractors. A new contractor was secured at a much higher rate. This has caused a large variance in the projected target.

After reviewing the request for revision, HHSC will notify the AAA if a review of supporting documentation is necessary before the request can be approved.

Submitting Form 2038

The email subject line must contain the correct nomenclature. The AAA Reports Subject Line Nomenclatures are listed on the HHSC website in the procedures section.