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Updated: 9/1994


To provide client with the identification needed to obtain Food Stamps at a Food Stamp issuance facility and to buy food at a grocery store with Food Stamps.


When to Prepare

Workers issue ID cards when:

  1. The client is initially certified;
  2. The client's application is pending, but his eligibility seems likely;
  3. The old card is lost, damaged, or destroyed; or the ID information is no longer legible; or
  4. The names of the people listed on the card change.

Number of Copies

Original only.


  1. Staff designated to maintain the security and accountability of office supplies of ID cards issue the ID card to the worker.
  2. The worker obtains the client's signature and issues the completed card to the client.
  3. Designated staff files the receipt portion in the ID inventory file.

Note: Attach the original Food Stamp ID card marked "void" to Form 1854, and file the receipt portion marked "void" in the ID inventory file.

Form Retention

Three years from the month issued.


  1. The worker types or prints the case number, case name, spouse's name, and authorized representative's name, if any.
  2. Cross out (XXX) any unused spaces.
  3. The client signs and dates the receipt portion and signs the back of the ID card in the presence of the worker.
  4. The worker instructs the client that all other people intending to use the ID card to sign the card immediately and prior to use.
  5. The worker must cross out (XXX) any unused signature lines.

Note: The Food Stamp ID card must have a minimum of one signature before the client leaves the DHS certification office.

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