Effective Date: 


Effective Date: 1/1998


PDF: H1060.pdf


Updated: 4/1989


To help field staff identify

  • error-prone case situations during interview preparation.
  • areas to focus on during the interview.
  • procedures quality control staff use in case preparation.


Workers complete Form H1060 when reviewing the case before the interview. Form H1060 can be used whenever the worker has a Form H1010-B to review.

Note: Any "yes" answer needs special attention during the interview.

Follow regional procedures for required use of Form H1060.

Form Retention

Keep Form H1060 as long as needed.

File Form H1060 with the worksheet unless regional procedures require otherwise.


Dates covered by guide — From — Enter the date the last worksheet was signed.

To — Enter the current interview date.

Spec. review code — Enter the special review code if one was entered between the last certification/review/recertification and now.

Questions 1-16 — Any questions answered "yes" should be explored during the interview. Look at past case history when answering questions 1, 2, 5, 10, and 16.

Comments — This space is for specific regional corrective action. Follow regional instructions.

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