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Updated: 12/2017



Texas Health and Safety Code §12.025 requires HHSC to establish a voluntary drug rebate program for all manufacturers whose products are covered by the Kidney Health Care (KHC) Program.  The 77th Texas Legislature General Appropriations Act (TDH Rider 38) authorized the KHC Program to receive and use all rebate monies for client services, and to establish a preference for products from manufacturers who have signed rebate agreements with the program. 


When to Prepare

Drug manufacturers that want to participate in the KHC Drug Rebate Program must complete and sign two originals of the KHC Drug Rebate Agreement and return two originals to the KHC Drug Rebate Program administrator.


Staff sends the completed agreement to the KHC Drug Rebate Program administrator:

Texas Contract Manager
Texas Pharmacy Rebate Operations
12365A Riata Trace Parkway
Austin, TX 78727 

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