WIC Frequently Asked Questions

Can I order WIC materials or media if I am not part of a WIC agency? Are there any limits to what I can order?

Yes, people not affiliated with a WIC agency can order WIC materials. Go to the BROWSE site and search the WIC catalog for items you wish to order.

For WIC Materials, e-mail your order to WICMaterials@hhsc.state.tx.us. For WIC Media, e-mail your order to WICMedia@businessink.com. Be aware that items marked "Restricted for WIC Use Only" or have a quantity of "0" are not available to order.

Email requests must include:

  • Your name
  • Company name
  • Shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Stock number and title of materials
  • Quantity requested (see the ordering limits below).

You will receive an email confirming your order.

Ordering limits:

  • For Texas residents: WIC can provide up to 50 courtesy copies of most printed materials per month. If you want more, you can print copies using the PDFs provided on our site. Hospitals and birth centers can apply for the Texas Ten Step designation. Once approved, these designated facilities can order directly from the LOGIN site.
  • For non-Texas residents: WIC provides one courtesy copy of printed material; however, you can print as many copies as you like from the online PDFs.

How do I use the BROWSE site to order?

Clicking on the BROWSE button will take you to the "Main Menu" screen. Click on "View Catalog Items" to open the catalog.

To search the catalog by stock number or description, go to the search box at the top left of the catalog screen. Enter a partial or complete stock number, or you can use a keyword for the description, and then click on "Go."

On the right side of the catalog, the "Available" column shows the quantity in stock. Items showing a quantity of 0 cannot be ordered. Some might be discontinued, others might temporarily be out of stock. Printable items are indicated with a yellow starburst icon labeled "Click Here For Printable PDF".

When will I get my order?

An order is shipped within two business days after it is placed; allow longer during holidays. After an item has been shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number. For questions, contact WICMaterials@hhsc.state.tx.us.

Where can I find WIC publications (PDF files) to print?

Printable PDF files are found in the WIC catalog, which can be accessed by clicking LOGIN or BROWSE. PDF files are indicated by a yellow starburst icon located to the far right of the item and labeled "Click Here For Printable PDF". You will need a PDF reader, such as Adobe Acrobat, to open the file.

Do you offer materials in Vietnamese?

Yes, materials in Vietnamese are available for print as a PDF file by clicking the LOGIN or BROWSE buttons.

Where can I find growth charts?

Growth charts are available as a printable PDF on the WIC Materials BROWSE site.

What happens if I fax in an order?

Faxed orders are no longer being filled. Email your order to WICMaterials@hhsc.state.tx.us.

What if I have additional questions?

If you have questions not answered here, e-mail WICMaterials@hhsc.state.tx.us.

Questions specific to the LOGIN (online ordering) site

How do I get access to the LOGIN site?

Access to the LOGIN site is only for Texas WIC local agency and clinic staff, for Texas Ten Step designated hospitals, and for users authorized by the WIC state office. You can submit a request for access by emailing WICMaterials@hhsc.state.tx.us.

What if I cannot find an item I normally order?

The search function uses all of the numbers and/or characters entered. Common reasons for not finding an item include: using an incorrect stock number; using too many letters, numbers or words; or not using words in an item's title. Try your search using fewer numbers, letters or words. If you continue to have problems, email WICMaterials@hhsc.state.tx.us requesting the materials you're looking for.

What if I enter the wrong information when placing an order?

You will have a chance to review your order before it is placed.

While I was ordering, the amounts cleared. What do I do?

Once you send your order to the shopping cart it will clear the amounts in the boxes. The number of items in your shopping cart will change at the top of the page. When you check out, you can verify the amounts are correct before submitting your order.

How do I place an order for another location or person?

You will have a chance to change the name and address an item is shipped to when validating an order. Information will not be saved for future orders.

Why can't I place a backorder?

Only materials in stock can be ordered. If a user attempts to order a larger quantity than is available, the order will be limited to quantity on hand. For example, if there are 100 items available but 101 are ordered, the system will post a warning message stating the quantity ordered will place the item on backorder. If a backordered item gets added to the shopping cart, the system will automatically cancel that item from the final order. Return to the site at a later date to see if the item is back in stock.

How will I know if my order was received?

You will receive a confirmation email after an item is ordered to indicate your order was received.

When will I get my order?

An order is shipped within two business days after ordering, longer during holidays. After an item has been shipped, you will receive an email with a tracking number.

Registered users can also log in to track an order. Click on the "Track Order" button located at the top of the screen. You can search for your order by entering the order number or a date range. You will see a list of your orders. The order number in this list is a hyperlink for active orders. Click on the link to go to the "Order Detail" screen. Orders that have a status of "open" have not been shipped. Orders with a status of "complete" have been shipped. Scroll to the bottom of the "Order Detail" screen to view the package(s) sent in the completed order. Click on the tracking number to go to the shipper's website for more information.

I forgot my user ID. What do I do?

To request your user ID and password, email WICMaterials@hhsc.state.tx.us from the email address assigned to the account. Only the original user of the ID can receive this information.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

On the Login screen click the link "Forgot your Password?" Another screen will open asking for your user ID. After submitting this information, an email with the current password will be sent to the email address on file for that user ID.

How do I change my password?

Click on the "My Account" button located at the top left of the Catalog screen. Highlight the information in the password block, enter a new password, and click the "Submit" link. Click on "Place Order" to return to the catalog screen.

How do I change or update my name, address, phone number or email address?

Click on the "My Account" button located at the top left of the Catalog screen. The following information will display:

Text input fields found in “My Account” screen

Highlight the item(s) you want to change, enter new information, and click the "Submit" link to update. Click on "Place Order" to return to the catalog screen.

Where is the "My Account" button?

When the "My Account" button does not appear, it has been temporarily taken offline. If you need to change your account information before it is restored, send an email to wicmedia@businessink.com, or call 866-364-1268, ext. 2307.

Include your user ID, phone number and/or e-mail address, and the information you want changed (password, name, street address, city, state, zip and/or email address).