WIC Least Expensive Brand

WIC Vendor Policy WV: 02.0 (PDF)

Vendors must declare their traditionally Least Expensive Brand (LEB) of WIC approved milk, juice, cheese, dry beans, whole wheat bread, brown rice, whole wheat tortillas, and yellow and white corn tortillas. Click the link below to open a fillable LEB PDF form.

WIC Least Expensive Brand form - Fillable PDF (Effective October 1, 2020 thru September 30, 2021).

For questions about the completion and submission of this form, please call 1-800-252-9629 extension 4425.

LEB Change Request Form

For changes to Declared Least Expensive Brand, vendors must submit an LEB Change Request Form for approval. Each vendor account outlet must complete a separate Change Request Form if the traditionally least expensive brand for a particular food type is different at each outlet.

The Least Expensive Brand Declaration Change Request Form (PDF)

Fillable WIC Approved Item and Texas WIC Logo stickers

(All Printable stickers must be printed in color. No exceptions.)

The Texas WIC Program has strict rules regarding the labeling of WIC foods in the store. A store's declared least expensive brands (LEB) of WIC foods are required to be labeled with the state issued "WIC Approved Item" pink sticker (Example 1) or store developed stickers/signage if pre-approved by the State WIC Program. Another option is the new store printable "WIC Approved Item" stickers which include spaces for entering the size, brand and type of items being labeled (Example2).

WIC Approved Item sticker and WIC LEB sticker

WIC Approved Item Image
(Example 1) Available by calling 1-800-252-9629

WIC Approved Item Table Image
(Example 2)

Many grocers also want to label non-LEB WIC food categories such as peanut butter, cereal, frozen fruits and vegetables, baby food, evaporated and non-fat dry milk, tofu, soymilk, tuna and salmon to make it easier for WIC customers to identify the allowable foods. Grocers may tag these foods in their stores with the Texas WIC Smart Choices Healthy Families logo shown below. It may be placed above, beside or below the product. The use of the Texas WIC logo in this manner is at the option of the grocer; it is not required by the state. The labeling of declared traditionally Least Expensive Brand foods remains unchanged and requires the use of the "WIC Approved Item" pink stickers.

Texas WIC Graphic
(Example 3)

Texas Wic Graphic Table
(Example 4)

Vendor printable templates in color only using Avery 5160 (or similar) labels – 3 to a row and 30 to a sheet: