Directed Payment Programs

Uniform Hospital Rate Increase Program

Uniform Hospital Rate Increase Program is a statewide program that provides for increased Medicaid payment for inpatient and outpatient services. Texas Medicaid managed care organizations (MCOs) receive additional funding through their monthly capitation rate from HHSC and are directed to increase payment rates for certain hospitals. 

Quality Improvement Payment Program

Quality Improvement Payment Program is a statewide program that provides for incentive payments to qualifying nursing facilities. STAR+PLUS MCOs are directed to make payments to qualifying nursing facilities once the facilities demonstrate meeting the required goals.

Network Access Improvement Program

Network Access Improvement Program is a pass-through payment program designed to further the state's goal of increasing the availability and effectiveness of primary care for persons with Medicaid. NAIP accomplishes this by incentivizing health-related institutions and public hospitals to provide quality, well-coordinated, and continuous care in exchange for additional funding.