Training Materials and Resources

Required EVV Training

Program providers must complete all required EVV training for programs and services currently required to use EVV per HHSC policy. The EVV Training Checklist (PDF) provides detailed information on EVV training requirements and options for completing them.

EVV Roadshow Instructor-Led Training

This training series was held from Aug. 1 – Oct. 30, 2019.

Attendees who signed in at the beginning of the training and signed out at the end of training, but have not received their certificate of completion can email for more information on receiving their certificate.

If you were unable to attend an EVV Roadshow training, computer-based training is available. See the Computer-Based Training section below for details.

Computer-Based Training

Online, interactive EVV training courses are available in the HHS Learning Portal and TMHP Learning Management System. Completing these courses help program providers meet EVV training requirements.

The HHS Learning Portal includes training about HHSC EVV Policy.

The TMHP Learning Management System includes training about:

  • HHSC-Approved EVV Vendor Selection
  • EVV Aggregator
  • EVV Portal
  • EVV Portal Standard Reports and Search Tools
  • EVV Claims Submission and Billing

HHSC-Approved EVV Vendor Training

For EVV vendor system training contact:

Phone: 1-844-880-2400

EVV Tool Kit

Frequently Asked Questions

Glossary of Terms

The EVV Glossary of Terms (PDF) lists common EVV terms, definitions, and acronyms.

How to Access the EVV Portal

A job aid is available to provide instruction for requesting access and logging in to the EVV Portal. Instructions are also included for accessing multiple EVV standard reports in the EVV Portal.

Standard Reports Summary

Many EVV reports available in the EVV vendor system are now located in the EVV Portal. Reports have been updated to provide more reporting functions for program providers, HHSC and MCOs. These updates include changes to the name of the report, it’s function, and where to access each report.