EVV Service Codes

Below is a listing of HHSC service codes which require the use of EVV under the HHSC EVV program.

HHSC Service Codes
Program/Service Service Group Bill Code Description Service Code Proc Code Qualifier HCPCS Modifier
Community Living Assistance and Support Services (CLASS) habilitation 2 S0101 Habilitation - Activities of Daily Living 10 HC T2021 U5
CLASS habilitation 2 H2025 Habilitation – Supportive Employ Employment 37 HC H2024  
CLASS habilitation 2 S0100 Habilitation – Training 10 HC T2016 U3
CLASS habilitation 2 S0105 Habilitation Attendant Care Services – Delegated Nursing 10A HC S5125  
CLASS respite 2 G0100 Respite – In Home Respite – DSA 11 ER    
CLASS Consumer Directed Services habilitation – ADLs 2 G6086 CDS Habilitation – ADLs – Training 10V HC T2016 U5
CLASS CDS habilitation - training 2 G6085 CDS Habilitation – Training 10V HC T2016  
CLASS CDS respite 2 G0197 CDS Respite In-Home 11PV HC S9125  
CLASS CDS habilitation (ended on 12/1/2013) 2 G0722 PAS – Individual Directed Services 27A ER    
Community First Choice habilitation (began 6/1/2015) 2 G1108 Personal Assistance Services (PAS) 10CFC HC T2026  
Community First Choice CDS habilitation (began 6/1/2015) 2 G1109 CDS PAS – Individual Directed Services 10CFV HC T2016  
Primary Home Care (PHC) 7 G0702 Personal Assistance Services – Level 1 – Non-Priority 17 HC S5125  
PHC 7 G0701 Personal Assistance Services – Level 2 – Priority 17 HC S5125  
PHC CDS 7 G0717 CDS – Personal Assistance Services (PAS) – Individual Directed Services 17V HC S5125  
Community Attendant Services 7 G0743 PAS Community Attendant Services (1929B) – Level 1 (Non-Priority) 17D HC S5125  
CAS 7 G0742 PAS Community Attendant Services (1929B) – Level 2 (Priority) 17D HC S5125  
CAS CDS 7 G0749 CDS Community Attendant Services (1929B) – Level 1 (Non-Priority) 17DV ER    
CAS CDS 7 G0748 CDS Community Attendant Services (1929B) – Level 2 (Priority) 17DV ER    
Family Care 7 G0741 PAS Family Care – Level 1 (Non-Priority) 17C HC S5125  
FC 7 G0740 PAS Family Care – Level 2 (Priority) 17C HC S5125  
FC CDS 7 G0746 Participant – PAS Family Care CDS – Level 1 (Non-Priority) 17CV ER    
FC CDS 7 G0745 Participant - PAS Family Care CDS - Level 2 (Priority) 17CV ER