Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (PPECC) providers that wish to be eligible for reimbursement for Title XIX (Medicaid) benefits must complete the required Medicaid Provider Enrollment Application forms and enter into a written provider agreement. §A PPECC provider must meet certain eligibility criteria, including receiving a license to operate a PPECC issued by the Texas Department of Aging and Disability Services.

For information on how to become a Medicaid provider, please email the Texas Health and Human Services Commission at


DADS licenses and inspects PPECCs to ensure compliance with state regulations. PPECCs must be licensed to operate in Texas. §To obtain a license, a person must meet the application requirements in Title 40, TAC Chapter 15, Subchapter B and the criteria for a license. Rules regarding licensing requirements can be found in Texas Administrative Code, Title 40, Part 1, Chapter 15: Licensing Standards for Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers.

To become licensed, a center must:

  • Submit plans for new buildings, additions, conversions of buildings not licensed by DADS, and the remodeling of existing licensed centers for review. One copy of contract documents must be submitted to DADS before construction begins.
  • Complete one of the following license applications, as applicable.
  • Pay the appropriate license fee.
  • Pass a Life Safety Code inspection.
  • Pass a health inspection.

Background Checks

Background checks are conducted on the individuals and corporations responsible for resident health and safety to ensure that the responsible parties have a good history of operating centers, agencies or long-term care facilities. For a center to retain its license, the results of any inspection, follow-up visit or complaint/incident investigation must show the center complies with the current state licensure laws and rules.