Texas Health and Human Services (HHS) has a new pilot project for home-delivered meals. The pilot, which runs from April through September 2017, allows select area agencies on aging (AAAs) to use alternative options to provide meals in rural areas where traditional providers do not exist or traditional providers are limited in their capacity to meet the need. The HHS Office of Area Agencies on Aging will evaluate the pilot outcomes by Oct. 31, 2017.

Each AAA in the pilot area will contract with the nutrition provider of its choice to offer services. Meals, which will be hot, chilled or frozen, will be delivered at a cost not to exceed $6.12 per meal. There is no specific service delivery window of time. Common providers participating in the pilot can receive up to $6.12 for each meal delivered in the AAA’s service delivery area specifically approved for this pilot.

The following AAAs will participate in the pilot:

Contractor Responsibilities

  • Provide orientation training to delivery personnel or volunteers based on 40 TAC §85.302(o) (1).
  • Deliver meals to a participant only after the service is authorized.
  • Deliver meals to all participants in the pilot area as authorized by the AAA. The contractor will ensure the participant received the meals in accordance with the AAA policy.
  • Deliver a shipment of meals at a minimum of once per week to each pilot participant.
  • Deliver only meals meeting the dietary requirements in 40 TAC §85.302(h).
  • If a pilot participant is non-responsive to attempted deliveries from the contractor, notify the AAA in accordance with AAA policy.
  • Provide a separate monthly invoice (calendar month) for all meals provided for each AAA in compliance with the AAA procedures for requesting reimbursement of meals.
  • Respond promptly to concerns of participants related to meals.

To Learn More

For more information, visit the website of your local Area Agency on Aging listed above or email the HHS Office of Area Agencies on Aging.