Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities

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A substance abuse treatment facility may be any facility that offers treatment for persons with chemical dependency. Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 464, requires facilities providing substance abuse treatment services to be licensed by the Texas Department of State Health Services. In addition, the Department is charged with the registration of faith-based chemical dependency treatment programs that are exempt from licensure. Faith-based chemical dependency treatment programs offer only nonmedical treatment and recovery methods such as prayer, moral guidance, spiritual counseling, and scriptural study. Substance abuse treatment facilities are not certified to participate in the federal Medicare Program.

The Substance Abuse Facility Licensing Group develops rules that establish minimum standards for substance abuse treatment facility licensing procedures and registration procedures for faith-based exempt programs; for granting, denying, suspending and revoking a license; for licensing fees; and for operation and care.

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New/Initial Applications

To apply for an initial substance use disorder facility license, the following items are required to be included with your application submission. Incomplete packets will delay processing. No treatment is authorized prior to approval of this application. Please submit the required items in a timely manner to ensure sufficient time for review and response as necessary.

Note: If the person applying for licensure is an entity required to file a certificate of formation with the Secretary of State or to register with the SOS to transact business in this State, please list that entity's full name under the "legal name" and attach a certificate of status from the Secretary of State's office to establish the applicant's legal status. A sole proprietor should list the individual's name under "legal name of applicant." To be included on a license, an assumed name listed on an application must be accompanied by a corresponding certificate of assumed name filed with the Secretary of State and/or applicable county clerk's office, as required by applicable law.

  • Facility's Operational Plan [25 TAC § 448.502(a)(1) – (4)].
  • Proof of liability insurance (25 TAC §448.403).
  • Fees paid in full (25 TAC §448.408):
    • Base fee - $1200.00.
    • Fee for each site - $125.00.
    • Fee for each residential bed - $35.00.

General Environment – Residential and Outpatient Facilities

  • Completed ADA checklist (PDF). Include reasonable timeframes and corrective action plans to address identified deficiencies, if applicable (25 TAC §448.505).
  • Copy of Certificate of Occupancy from the local authority that reflects the current use by the occupant or documentation that the locality does not issue occupancy certificates (25 TAC §448.505).
  • Co-Location: If the facility's physical location for which you are applying will be shared with non-substance use disorder treatment programs or services, please review the November 18, 2014, Guidance regarding Co-location of Facilities and/or Other Programs/Services (PDF). Accordingly, please provide a complete listing of any and all non-substance use disorder treatment services or programs provided in the facility location you wish to license.

Additional Documentation for Residential Facilities

Please contact the Substance Abuse Compliance Group by email at or by telephone at 512-834-6700, ext. 2113 regarding physical plant requirements and pre-licensure inspection information.

Note: Inspections must be current, signed, dated, and free of outstanding corrective actions.

  • Inspection by the local certified fire inspector or the State fire marshal (25 TAC §448.1202).
  • Inspection of the alarm system by the fire marshal or an inspector authorized to install and inspect such systems (25 TAC §448.1202).
  • Kitchen health inspection by the local health authority or the Texas Department of Health (25 TAC §448.1202).
  • Gas pipe pressure test performed by the local gas company or a licensed plumber (25 TAC §448.1202).
  • Inspection and maintenance of fire extinguishers by personnel licensed or certified to perform said duties (25 TAC §448.1202).
  • Fire alarm installation certificate which reflects installation by agents registered with the State Fire Marshal (25 TAC §448.1206).
  • Floor plan indicating total square footage of each room and the number and type of bed(s) (bunk or single) per room in which clients will sleep (25 TAC §448.1205).

Additional Documentation for Detoxification Programs

  • Name and license number of Medical Director (25 TAC §448.902).

License Applications

Supporting Forms and Documents

Laws & Rules

Enforcement Actions

Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities Enforcement Actions, September 2018 – August 2019 (PDF)

Mailing Addresses

Please submit the above items and total licensure fee payment, via cashier's check or money order, to:

Texas Health and Human Services
Regulatory Licensing Unit, Facility Licensing Group
P.O. Box 149347 (MC 2003)
Austin, Texas 78714-9347

Applications are maintained for six months. If the applicant has not demonstrated compliance with all applicable requirements during that time, the application will be retired. There is a six month waiting period to reapply.

An application under Health & Safety Code, Chapter 464, and 25 TAC Chapter 448 is for licensure as a chemical dependency treatment facility only, and issuance of a license under those provisions does not satisfy any other applicable requirement for licensure or other form of authorization.

Contact Information

Texas Health and Human Services
The Exchange Bldg.
Substance Abuse Compliance and Narcotic Treatment Program (MC 1979)
8407 Wall St.
Austin, Texas 78754

Cherri Schmidt - Manager, Substance Abuse Compliance Group
(512) 231-5644

Tracy Rodriguez, Administrative Assistant, Substance Abuse Compliance Group

Substance Abuse Compliance - 512-834-6700, ext. 2126
Substance Abuse Facility Licensing - 512-834-6600, ext - 2016 or 2118

Substance Abuse Compliance and Narcotic Treatment Program - 512-834-6638
Substance Abuse Facility Licensing or Narcotic Treatment Facility Licensing - 512-834-4514