Special Care Facilities

A Special Care Facility is an establishment that provides a continuum of nursing or medical care or services primarily to persons with acquired immune deficiency syndrome or other terminal illnesses. A Special Care Facility may also include special residential care facilities.

The Facility Licensing Group develops rules that establish minimum standards for Special Care Facility licensing procedures; fees; administrative management; personal safety and comfort; sanitary environment; accommodations; construction; inspections; license denial, suspension, revocation and probation.

Special Care Facilities are not Medicare certified nor are they accredited.

Find or Verify a Licensee

Applying for an Initial Special Care Facility License

The application process for special hospital licensing involves:

  • Health Facility Licensing Group staff who review the application and required documents for deficiencies. Refer to the application form (PDF) for fee amount, mailing address and instructions.
  • Health Facility Compliance Group staff who are responsible for conducting a pre-survey conference and surveying the facility for compliance with the provisions on Health and Safety Code, Chapter 248 and TAC Chapter 125. Refer to the application form for timelines (PDF).
  • Architectural Review Group staff who are responsible for approving final construction documents, plans and specifications, as well as, conducting inspections. Click here for more information on the architectural review process.

Applications and Forms

Laws & Rules

Survey Components

During the initial licensing period, department zone office staff will conduct an on-site survey to ascertain compliance with the provision on the Health and Safety Code and associated rules. Entrance conference with key facility personnel and department zone office staff. During the survey, zone office staff will explain the survey process and answer questions.

  • Review clinical records
  • Review facility policies and procedures
  • Review quality assurance activities
  • Review personnel records
  • Interview staff
  • Conduct site visits as applicable
  • Exit conference with key facility personnel. Discuss survey findings.