Coaching Families

Coaching Families is a training module designed to support service providers in delivering the evidence-based practice of coaching, as researched and developed by Dathan Rush and M’Lisa Shelden. This two-hour module provides foundational information on the coaching approach to service delivery, offering the opportunity to observe each of the five fundamental coaching components through video demonstrations. Through guided practice activities, you will be able to utilize a coaching fidelity checklist to assess scenarios where the coaching practice is being implemented.

Accessible (text) version of module (MS Word)

Features of the module:

  • Videos of service providers infused throughout to demonstrate the coaching approach
  • Opportunity for growth for both new and experienced staff
  • Practice activities to apply knowledge in realistic scenarios
  • Individualized, learner-guided experience

Technical Assistance Tools: Materials and Resources

  • The Texas Coaching Fidelity Checklist (PDF) allows a supervisor to assess a provider's visit incorporating the coaching framework, to determine if the coaching practice is being implemented as intended. The fidelity checklist can also be accessed from within the module.
  • The Coaching Tip Sheet for Providers (PDF) is a quick reference guide describing the 5 components of coaching that may be used by providers in preparation for a visit; the tip sheet provides prompts and reminders of important steps to take as part of each component.
  • The Coaching Information Tip Sheet for Families (English PDF | Spanish PDF) offers an overview of the coaching framework and the components that a family can expect to participate in during ECI visits.