Professional Licensing and Certification Unit

The HHSC Professional Licensing and Certification Unit consists of six regulatory programs. The programs evaluate and issue credentials, administer examinations, monitor continuing education activities, conduct complaint investigations, impose disciplinary sanctions, and otherwise regulate a variety of health professions and related facilities in the State of Texas.

How to Check License Status or Search for a Licensee

  • Visit the Online Licensing Services Page. You can verify a license from there as well as renew a professional license from this site.
  • Please Note: On the search verification screen, you do not need to register, enter an ID, or password. However, if you are going to renew a professional license you do need to register, enter an ID, or password. Please select the link, "Public License Search," on the left side which will direct you to the search page.

Filing A Complaint

The Professional Licensing and Certification Unit is responsible for registering and investigating complaints against individuals licensed by the unit.  All complaints are reviewed by staff to determine if the applicable board has jurisdiction and a violation of law or rules is listed in the complaint. The complaint resolution timeframe varies greatly based upon the severity of the offense, the complexity of the case, and the volume of complaints received.

To file a complaint, you will need to complete the Complaint and the General Release forms. Return both forms and any additional supporting documentation to the address shown on the complaint form.

After the completed complaint packet is returned, you will be notified by letter acknowledging that your complaint has been received. The complaint will be reviewed to verify that the statement indicates a potential violation of law or rules. If your complaint indicates a potential violation, you may be contacted for additional information. Should your complaint not indicate a potential violation of law or rules, we will also notify you.

A complaint may be filed anonymously by not providing your name and address on the form; however, please be aware that anonymous complaints may be difficult to investigate, and many are closed because insufficient information is provided. When you provide your name and address, our investigative staff will be able to contact you for additional information which may be necessary to resolve your complaint.

In some instances, a complaint may be investigated informally by staff. In other cases, investigations are conducted by a Texas Health and Human Services investigator. The complaint may be investigated by telephone, mail or personal interviews. Information and/or documentation will be collected that is relevant to the complaint. After the investigation is completed, the report of investigation will be forwarded to the program for appropriate action. You may contact the board or program office at any time regarding the status of your complaint.

An individual who wishes to file a complaint may submit a complaint form to:

Complaints Management and Investigative Section
P.O. Box 141369
Austin, Texas 78714-1369

Complaint Form and Supporting Documents

Open Records

Many government records are open for public inspection. You may also request copies of public records by writing to our office by e-mail, fax or mail. Request should include, but not limited to the program name, license type, or complaint number.

Open Records Coordinator
Professional Licensing and Certification Unit
Mail Code 1982
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347
Fax: 512-834-6789

Criminal History Evaluation


Amendments were made to Occupations Code, Chapter 53 by House Bill (HB) 963, 81st Legislature, Regular Session (2009). HB 963 authorizes the collection of a fee for providing potential applicants a criminal history evaluation letter effective November 4, 2010.

The purpose of the criminal history evaluation is to establish procedures to evaluate, upon request, the criminal history of potential applicants to determine if they are ineligible to hold a license for health professions that include Perfusionists, Sanitarians, Athletic Trainers, Code Enforcement Officers, Respiratory Care Practitioners, Opticians, Massage Therapists, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors, Medical Radiologic Technologists, Speech Language Pathologists/Audiologists, Licensed Professional Counselors, Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Dyslexia Therapists and Practitioners, Social Workers, Contact Lens Dispenser Permit Holders, Licensed Dietitians, Personal Emergency Response System Providers, Licensed Prosthetists/Orthotists, Midwives, Offender Education Providers (for drug and alcohol offenses), Medical Physicists, and Fitting/Dispensing of Hearing Instruments. These evaluations will occur before the potential applicants enter or complete a preparatory educational program or licensure examination leading to licensure thereby allowing applicants to avoid unnecessary hardship or costs if their criminal history is a ground for license ineligibility.


The criminal history evaluation letter fee is $50 for each of the program.

Please fill out the "Criminal History Evaluation Letter" form below and indicate by marking an "X" beside the board or programs name including type of license.

Request for a Criminal History Evaluation Letter

Select the links below to view or print the "Criminal History Evaluation Letter" form

View the law on the State of Texas web site:

Texas Occupations Code, Chapter 53

The text of the law is available to download or print by scrolling to Chapter 53 at:

Note:You can find the Texas Occupations Code by scrolling and selecting"Occupations Code"on the first drop down box, then on Article/Chapter, scroll and select"Chapter 53. Consequences of Criminal Conviction", and on Art./Section, scroll and select"Sec. 53.102. Request for Criminal History Evaluation Letter", finally select the"Go"button to view or print the Texas Occupations Code.

Contact Us

Texas Health and Human Services Commission
Professional Licensing and Certification Unit
Mail Code 1982
P.O. Box 149347
Austin, Texas 78714-9347

Texas State Agencies

Professional Licensing and Certification Unit Guidance Letters

Note: These files are in PDF format unless otherwise noted.
Number Title Date
GL 20-5001 Emergency Rules Regarding Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor Intern (LCDC-I) Service Provision and Supervision Via Telephone and Internet
Addressed to:
Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors
GL 20-0002 Regulatory Compliance During the COVID-19 Disaster
Addressed to:
ABO, ASC, Birthing Centers, CDTF, CLIA, CMHC, CORF, ESRD, FEMC, Hospital, NTP, Port-X, Psych Hospital & CSU, RHC, SCF, Special Hospital, Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors
GL 20-5000 Telehealth for Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists & Associates in Response to COVID-19
Addressed to:
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapists & Associates