Section 3000, Provider Responsibilities

Revision 16-1; Effective February 1, 2016



3100 Interest List Referrals

Revision 16-1; Effective February 1, 2016


A person may request that an applicant’s name be added to a Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services (CMPAS) interest list in a Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) region by contacting a CMPAS provider, a DADS regional office or the 2-1-1 Texas Program.

If a person contacts a CMPAS provider, the provider must request the important information below from the applicant. Asking for each item of information and repeating the information provided by the applicant back to the applicant will prevent follow-up calls with individuals to clarify or correct data, and will prevent duplicate records in Community Services Interest List (CSIL).

Note: The first and last name, physical address in Texas and a mailing address, and the birth date are required fields in CSIL and must be provided to DADS in order for an applicant to be added to a DADS interest list. If the CMPAS provider is not able to obtain all of the items listed above, the provider must proceed with sending the applicant’s referral to a DADS regional office.

The provider must inform the applicant of the following information regarding the applicant providing his/her Social Security number:

If the caller does not wish to provide his/her Social Security number, proceed with obtaining the rest of the applicant’s information.

Within five working days after the contact, the CMPAS provider must send to a DADS regional office: