Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services Provider Manual

CMPASPM, Section 1000, Program Overview

Revision 15-2; Effective February 12, 2015



1100 Introduction

Revision 13-0; Effective September 3, 2013


The Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services (CMPAS) Provider Manual is administered by the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) under contracts with licensed agencies to provide personal assistance services (PAS) to individuals who have physical disabilities and who are able to supervise an attendant or have someone who can supervise the attendant for them. The individual interviews, selects, trains, supervises and releases (fires) his/her personal assistants. Health-related tasks are prescribed by the individual’s physician.

Licensed PAS agencies come under the rule-making authority for the Home and Community Support Services (HCSSA) licensure. The PAS agency determines eligibility and the amount of care needed, develops a pool of potential personal assistants and provides emergency backup personal assistants.


1200 Service Delivery Options

Revision 13-0; Effective September 3, 2013


Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services offers two options for service delivery:


1300 Program Rules

Revision 15-2; Effective February 12, 2015


The Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services program is governed by the following chapters:


1400 License Renewal Requirement

Revision 13-0; Effective September 3, 2013


A provider of Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services must maintain a Home and Community Support Services Agency (HCSSA) license under the personal assistance services (PAS) category in order to retain an active contract with the Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS). Application documents to renew an HCSSA-PAS license can be found on the DADS website for Renewal Applications.


1500 Reporting a Complaint

Revision 13-0; Effective September 3, 2013


The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) Consumer Rights and Services (CRS) is the point of contact concerning complaints about situations that may have violated state law or DADS program rules.


1510 When to Call DADS CRS

Revision 13-0; Effective September 3, 2013


Consumer Rights and Services (CRS) receives complaints from individuals, family members, providers and the general public about the care, treatment or services provided to an individual. Individuals receiving services or family members of the individual may prefer to call CRS to assist in resolving an issue rather than speaking with their personal assistance services representative.

A complaint may be reported by anyone at any time to CRS at DADS by calling 1-800-458-9858. A complaint may be made online at

Information about CRS can also be located on the DADS website at Click on the "abuse/complaints" navigation tab to link to CRS from the DADS home page, or direct your web browser to

Written complaints may be mailed to:

Department of Aging and Disability Services
Consumer Rights and Services, Mail Code E-249
P.O. Box 149030
Austin, TX 78714-9030


1520 CRS Website

Revision 13-0; Effective September 3, 2013


The DADS CRS website provides useful information regarding:

Visit the website at


1530 Provider Agency Complaint Processs

Revision 13-0; Effective September 3, 2013


The provider is required to have processes for receiving and resolving complaints about the provision of Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services (CMPAS). The process by which a complaint may be filed with a provider regarding CMPAS program services must be provided to the individual or legally authorized representative at the time of enrollment and at least annually thereafter.


1600 CMPAS Online Mailbox

Revision 13-0; Effective September 3, 2013


Providers can submit questions related to the CMPAS program at

CMPASPM, Section 2000, Copayment Schedule

Revision 17-1; Effective January 1, 2018



To determine the individual’s copayment percentage, refer to the following copayment schedule. The copayment schedule is based on paying a copayment when the income limit exceeds 300 percent of Supplemental Security Income.

Copayment Schedule
Net Monthly Income From Net Monthly Income To Net Monthly Income Percentage
$ 0 $ 2,250.00 0%
$ 2,250.01 $ 2,531.25 3%
$ 2,531.26 $ 2,625.00 5%
$ 2,625.01 $ 3,000.00 7%
$ 3,000.01 $ 3,375.00 9%
$ 3,375.01 $ 3,750.00 12%
$ 3,750.01 $ 4,125.00 15%
$ 4,125.01 $ 4,500.00 20%
$ 4,500.01 $ 4,875.00 30%
$ 4,875.01 $ 5,250.00 40%
$ 5,250.01 $ 5,625.00 50%
$ 5,625.01 $ 6,187.50 60%
$ 6,187.51 $ 6,750.00 70%
$ 6,750.01 $ 7,500.00 80%
$ 7,500.01 $ 8,250.00 90%
$ 8,250.01 Higher 100%

CMPASPM, Section 3000, Provider Responsibilities

Revision 16-1; Effective February 1, 2016



3100 Interest List Referrals

Revision 16-1; Effective February 1, 2016


A person may request that an applicant’s name be added to a Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services (CMPAS) interest list in a Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) region by contacting a CMPAS provider, a DADS regional office or the 2-1-1 Texas Program.

If a person contacts a CMPAS provider, the provider must request the important information below from the applicant. Asking for each item of information and repeating the information provided by the applicant back to the applicant will prevent follow-up calls with individuals to clarify or correct data, and will prevent duplicate records in Community Services Interest List (CSIL).

Note: The first and last name, physical address in Texas and a mailing address, and the birth date are required fields in CSIL and must be provided to DADS in order for an applicant to be added to a DADS interest list. If the CMPAS provider is not able to obtain all of the items listed above, the provider must proceed with sending the applicant’s referral to a DADS regional office.

The provider must inform the applicant of the following information regarding the applicant providing his/her Social Security number:

If the caller does not wish to provide his/her Social Security number, proceed with obtaining the rest of the applicant’s information.

Within five working days after the contact, the CMPAS provider must send to a DADS regional office:


CMPAS-PM, Appendix I DADS Contract Management

CMPAS-PM, Appendix II, HIV/AIDS in the Workplace

CMPAS-PM, Appendix III, Mutually Exclusive Services

CMPAS-PM, Appendix IV, Waiver Programs and Special Services – Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services

Revision 14-1; Effective September 19, 2014


Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services (CMPAS) provides personal attendant services (PAS) to individuals with physical disabilities who are willing and able to supervise the attendant. Individuals interview, hire, train, supervise and release their attendants. The contract agencies determine individual eligibility, the amount of attendant care needed, develop a pool of potential attendants and provide emergency backup attendant capability.

Services through this project are available to a limited number of individuals.

CMPAS Services

The maximum number of hours an individual may receive varies by contract and is dependent upon the contracted unit rate. The cost cannot exceed the case mix weighted nursing facility rate. The current rate can be determined by contacting the contract manager at the local Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) office.

CMPAS Eligibility

To be eligible, the individual must:

  • be 18 years or older.
  • have a physician's statement that the physical disability is permanent or is expected to last for at least six months from the date of intake. If the disability is not expected to be permanent, the physician's statement must specify the expected duration of the disability.
  • not receive the following DADS community care services: Community Based Alternatives, Primary Home Care, Family Care, Assisted Living, Adult Foster Care, Special Services to Persons with Disabilities or Residential Care while receiving PAS through this program.
  • need assistance with at least one personal care task (bathing, dressing, grooming, transfer, ambulation, exercising, toileting, feeding or meal preparation).
  • need at least five hours of PAS per week.
  • be mentally and emotionally capable of self-directing attendant care or have a relative or friend willing to share responsibility for directing the care.
  • reside in one of the geographical areas described below.

CMPAS Referral

In some regions, the CMPAS provider takes referrals for the CMPAS interest list. In other regions, the referral is taken by regional office staff. In either case, all names are entered into the Community Services Interest List by regional staff. The regional contract manager releases names from the interest list as funding is available.

CMPAS services are available in the following counties:

Region 01: Region 03: Region 05: Region 06:
Jefferson Nacogdoches Newton
San Augustine San Jacinto Shelby
Fort Bend
Region 07: Region 08: Region 10: Region 11:
Travis Atascosa
El Paso Aransas
Jim Hogg
Jim Wells
Live Oak
San Patricio

CMPAS-PM, Appendix V, Retired Information Letters

Revision 13-1; Effective September 13, 2013


The Department of Aging and Disability Services (DADS) deployed the Consumer Managed Personal Attendant Services (CMPAS) Provider Manual on
Sept. 3, 2013. This manual contains all contract guidelines that were
formerly found in Information Letters (ILs), as well as relevant Texas
Administrative Code references.

This manual supersedes any previous ILs or similar guidance published
by DADS. The ILs retired as a result are listed below. DADS recommends
that providers remove the ILs from their records to ensure they
reference the most current information.


Number Title Date
IL 2011-123 ndividuals Receiving Services through
the Client Managed Personal Assistance Services Program who Receive
Medicaid Services and Live in New Managed Care Service Areas Effective
March 1, 2012

IL 2011-95

Guidelines for Income Amounts Dedicated to Disability-Related Equipment –

This is now found in 40 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 44, §44.501(j)(7); adopted Oct. 1, 2013.


IL 2008-179

Effective Dec. 1, 2008 ─ Change in the
Texas Administrative Code (TAC), Title 40, Chapter 44, CMPAS, Relating
to the Co-payment Chart


IL 2008-155

Rates and Billing Procedure for Consumer Directed Services (CDS) in CMPAS


IL 2004-12

Repeal of Chapter 48, Subchapter E,
Client Managed Attendant Services, and Adoption of Chapter 44, Client
Managed Personal Attendant Services, Effective March 16, 2004


IL 2000-06

Individual Client Cost Ceiling


IL 1999-05

Client Managed Attendant Services Cost Ceiling


If there are questions about the new CMPAS provider manual or any of the ILs that were retired, send an email to

CMPAS-PM, Appendix VI, List of Excluded Individuals Entities (LEIE)



Form Title
2012 CMPAS Contract Compliance Monitoring Guide
2013 CMPAS Contract Evaluation Summary
2014 CMPAS Provider Standards
2040 CMPAS Co-pay Worksheet


Informacion in espanol = form also available in Spanish.


CMPASPM, 17-1, Section 2000, Copayment Schedule

Notice 17-1; Effective January 1, 2018

The following change(s) were made:

Section Title Change
2000 Copayment Schedule Updates the amounts to reflect Social Security Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) increase.

CMPASPM, 16-1, Section 3000 Added

Notice 16-1; Effective February 1, 2016


Section Title Change


Provider Responsibilities

Adds a new section for interest list referrals.

CMPASPM, 15-2, Updated Texas Administrative Code (TAC) Links

Revision Notice 15-2, February 12, 2015



Section Title Change
1300 Program Rules Updates the links to chapters in the TAC

CMPASPM, 15-1, Updated Copayment Schedule

Revision Notice 15-1; Effective February 10, 2015


Section Title Change
Section 2000 Copayment Schedule Revises the net monthly income.

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