24.16.4 Restricted Donations

A restricted donation is a cash donation made to the CRS program for use in providing services to CRS consumers that specifies a purpose, program, DARS office, or caseload for use. When a restricted donation is received, the receiving office immediately forwards it, along with any accompanying instructions, to the DARS accounting office in accordance with the published cash receipts procedures found in Business Procedure Manual, Chapter 23: Accounting, 23.1 Cash Receipts.

The following process describes the approvals required for the use of a restricted donation.

CRS Accounting

  1. Records the information pertaining to the donation on the deposit, including:
  • donor name; and
  • donation amount
  1. Assigns unique donation number if not specified by receiving office
  2. Deposits funds in appropriate CRS budget
  3. Notifies the CRS program manager that the donation has been received
  4. Updates Regular and Restricted Donation spreadsheet monthly and sends to and CRS budget office
  5. CRS program manager sends a letter of appreciation to the donor

Using Restricted Donation Funds

For more information regarding restricted donations see ReHabWorks Users Guide, Chapter 16 Case Service Record, 16.1 Service Record List.