24.15.1 Prorating Services

If there are funds available in the budget in ReHabWorks, it is not necessary to prorate services across fiscal years.

Charge most services to the state fiscal year in which the service occurred. For more information, see 24.14 Program Year.

When part of a service falls in the next state fiscal year, charge that part to that state fiscal year. When setting up the service record, create two line items—one for each state fiscal year—and prorate the charge proportionately.

Example: When one week of service occurs in August and two weeks in September, charge one-third to August and two-thirds to September.

Tips for Prorating

When prorating:

  • do not put zero in the Unit Amount or Unit Cost. Make an informed estimate of the cost and increase or decrease the amount in the service authorization later;
  • use 30 days for all months when prorating a monthly payment; and
  • enter amounts for line items (Line-item amounts do not have to be precise, but the total of the line items must equal the total amount due.)

For more information about prorating payment see ReHabWorks Users Guide, Chapter 16 Case Service Record, 16.2 Service Record, 16.2.8 Service Record Line Item Prorating Payments for Services.