24.9 Invoices

Vendors must submit invoices to the office address listed on the CRS service authorization.

The invoice must comply with:

  • applicable contract;
  • CRS Standards for Providers;
  • CRS Manual; and
  • service authorization terms and conditions.

Within seven calendars days of receiving an invoice, the staff member must:

24.9.1 Date Stamping Invoices

The front of all invoices must be date-stamped upon receipt in the CRS program office. If the envelope is date-stamped, keep the envelope as part of the paper case file. If the invoice is received via email, print the invoice and stamp it with the date received in the office. For faxed invoices, if the date on the fax tagline is correct and up-to–date, then that date reflects the date received in the office. Document the fax in the paper case file.

24.9.2 Elements of an Invoice

At a minimum, the invoice must include:

  • vendor's complete name and address;
  • vendor's 14-digit Texas Identification number (TIN);
  • vendor's contact name and telephone number;
  • CRS program service authorization number;
  • CRS program office delivery address;
  • CRS program contract number, if applicable;
  • a description of the goods or services provided including the dates of service;
  • quantity, unit cost being billed and as documented on the original order; and
  • other relevant information supporting and explaining the payment requested or identifying a successor organization to an original vendor, if necessary.

Additional documentation may be required to accompany invoices, subject to the specific program’s published standards.

Optional Information on the invoice may include:

  • the provider's invoice number;
  • the provider’s fax number; and
  • the name of the counselor or other staff involved.

24.9.3 Incomplete Invoices

Do not authorize payment for a product or service without an accurate and complete invoice from the provider.

When an invoice is inaccurate or incomplete, use the following process to return it to the vendor for correction:

  1. Return the invoice to the vendor within 21 days of receipt using the DARS3460 Vendor Invoice Additional Data Request. This form is the means by which the CRS program indicates to the vendor what additional information the state agency requires in order to process payment to the vendor.
  2. Create a ReHabWorks case note to document the date on which the invoice was sent back to the vendor and why it had to be returned.
  3. Upon receipt of the corrected invoice, it should be date-stamped, and used as the invoice of record for the purchase.
  4. Do not acknowledge receipt of the invoice in ReHabWorks until the provider submits a corrected invoice or until the disputed point is resolved. The date of resolution should be used as the invoice received date in ReHabWorks and invoice should be date-stamped with that date.

Note: The date of resolution should be used as the invoice received date in ReHabWorks, and the invoice should be date-stamped with that date.

For medical billing invoices, attach the ReHabWorks-generated invoice to the medical billing invoice.

24.9.4 Invoice is Not Received

Do not enter an invoice received date in ReHabWorks prior to receiving the invoice.

When vendors do not submit invoices in a timely manner, follow-up with the service provider by contacting their accounts payable department.

If the provider does not have their own invoicing system or template, the service authorization issuer should:

  • print the RHW standard invoice for the service authorization; and
  • send it to the provider so they can complete and resubmit it to the CRS program.

24.9.5 Invoice Includes Late Payment Fee

Late fees are automatically calculated and paid by the State Comptroller based on the Texas Prompt Payment Act. The determination of a late fee is based on the receive date and invoice date that are entered into ReHabWorks. The CRS program does not pay late fees that are directly invoiced by the provider.

If a provider submits an invoice that includes a late payment fee:

  • do not pay the late fee;
  • make a note on the invoice;
  • subtract the late fee amount from the invoice total; and
  • authorize payment for the corrected amount.

24.9.6 Acknowledging Receipt of an Invoice in ReHabWorks

See ReHabWorks Users Guide, Chapter 18 Case Acknowledgement of Receipt, 18.1.3 Adding or Updating a Receive Item for detailed instructions.