24.5.4 No Show Payments

A "no-show" occurs when a CRS consumer:

  • misses an appointment for a CRS sponsored service being provided by a psychiatrist, social worker, licensed professional counselor, or psychologist; and
  • does not properly cancel the appointment.

The CRS program accepts for consideration only the no-show billings received from a psychiatrist, social worker, licensed professional counselor, or psychologist. No-show occurrences for other disciplines, specialties, and contractors are not subject to or eligible for no-show payments from the CRS program as described in the above policy. The CRP must notify the counselor within one working day of the consumer’s failure to appear. For more information, see CRS Standards for Providers Manual.

Process the No-Show Payment

If a no-show occurs and if the provider chooses to bill the CRS program for the no-show, the acceptable fee is limited to 50 percent of the payment allowed by the Maximum Affordable Payment Schedule for the codes authorized on the service authorization.

No-show payments are processed in the same manner as any other provider payment. For more information see ReHabWorks Users Guide, Chapter 16 Case Service Record.