24.4 Purchasing Process Steps

The process of purchasing a good or service for a consumer is primarily initiated by a counselor.

Purchases must support a consumer’s Therapeutic outcome. Purchases made prior to the completion of the Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP) are limited to diagnostics and services needed to complete diagnostics.

Purchases initiated before the IWRP is completed are documented in a service justification case note.

Purchases made after the IWRP is completed must be included on IWRP, an IWRP amendment, or service justification case note.

24.4.1 Purchasing Process Steps

Step 1

Identify needed purchase of a good or service.

Research and collect required approvals and authorizations by referencing appropriate program manuals.

For information about types of purchases see 24.10 Types of Purchases. For additional information about specific goods and services consult appropriate program manuals.

Step 2

Document the need and type of purchase in:

  • a service justification case note;
  • an Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP); or
  • an IWRP amendment.

Step 3

Create a service record. For more information see ReHabWorks Users Guide, Chapter 16 Case Service Record.

Complete the specification on the service record to identify precisely the item or service. Document required approvals according to policy.

Edit the level-four specification descriptions to match what you want to buy. All specifications can be customized except:

  • Maximum Affordable Payment Schedule; and
  • specifications flagged by Health and Human Services Procurement Services, which usually are contracted items.

Step 4

Create a service authorization to obligate budget. For more information see ReHabWorks Users Guide, Chapter 17 Case Purchase Order.

Step 5

Print the SA. The printed SA must be signed by the issuer, and then sent to the vendor by mail, fax, or encrypted email. Depending on the manner in which the SA is sent to the vendor, the staff member files the original signed SA or a copy of it in the consumer's case folder.

Any time the SA is revised, these steps must be completed again and the new or updated SA must be sent to the vendor and filed in the paper case file. For more information about revising a SA, see 24.5.1 After-the-Fact Purchases.

Step 6

If it becomes apparent that the total committed budget will not be used reduce the quantity and/or unit cost in the SA. For information on closing out a service authorization refer to ReHabWorks Users Guide, Chapter 17 Case Purchase Order.

Step 7

Receive and document the receipt of goods and services. Verify that goods and/or services were delivered in good condition and met specifications.

Step 8

Within seven days, process the invoice (See section 24.9 Invoices for more information).