24.1.1 Staff Responsibilities

All agency staff members are responsible for ensuring compliance with purchasing processes. The caseload carrying staff member and his or her supervisor are responsible for all service authorizations.

The authorization for a good or service must be documented clearly in a case note in ReHabWorks before initiating a purchase with a service authorization. Authorization and/or exceptions to policy will not be granted for certain goods and services. For more information on restricted goods and services see 24.6 Purchasing Thresholds and Restrictions.

Purchasing Thresholds and Restrictions

All purchasing activities are subject to internal and or external review, audit, and investigation at any time. As public servants responsible for assisting Texans and serving the taxpayers of this state, CRS staff members are expected to maintain the highest level of ethical conduct. Violation of these policies may result in disciplinary action, up to and including dismissal, and, in some cases, referral to state or federal law enforcement agencies.

Internal Program Resource Staff

The CRS program provides additional support to assist staff in the purchase of goods and services for consumers. The following individuals are available to provide specialized oversight, support, and consultation as needed:

  • medical services coordinator;
  • managers and management teams; and
  • central office program specialists.

If subject matter experts have questions that are not addressed in this chapter, manual, or in other policy and procedure manuals, they must consult with the appropriate internal program resource staff members before completing a service authorization for a good or service.