17.2 When to Use Paraprofessional Services

Services provided by paraprofessionals may include:

  • assisting with medication or therapeutic regimens;
  • preparing and serving meals;
  • assuring that health and safety needs are met;
  • assisting with the activities of daily living, including assisting with hygiene and laundry;
  • providing supervision and care to meet basic needs; and
  • ensuring evacuation in case of an emergency.

Paraprofessional services can be provided in all service arrays, for approved medical needs only, but are provided in the home only when necessary to enable consumer participation. The CRS program provides personal attendant care when necessary to enable the consumer to participate in outpatient therapies or post-acute rehabilitation non-residential services for traumatic brain injury or traumatic spinal cord injury.

Paraprofessional services are provided as outlined in the provider’s contract for both inpatient comprehensive medical rehabilitation services and post-acute rehabilitation residential services.