14.4 Adjusting the Phase of a Previously Closed Case

A phase adjustment is a ReHabWorks (RHW) process that changes a closed case with a completed Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan (IWRP) back to an active case.

Phase adjustments must be used only when the:

  • case was closed either successfully or unsuccessfully after the IWRP was signed;
  • initial closure date is within the current federal fiscal year; and
  • date the case returned to active status is within the current federal fiscal year.

Note: A federal fiscal year begins October 1 and ends September 30.

Closure after IWRP Is Returned to Active Status

To request and complete a phase adjustment to change a case from a closed status after an IWRP is signed back to an active status, use the procedure outlined below.

The counselor:

  1. reviews the case and gathers information from the consumer to ensure that a phase adjustment is appropriate;
  2. selects the Phase Adjustment Request tab from within the case file in RHW;
  3. selects the Save tab to set the approval status to pending and to generate an action for the area manager in RHW; and
  4. documents the justification for the phase adjustment in the case note that automatically opens in RHW when the Phase Adjustment request is saved.

The CRS manager:

  1. reviews and approves or denies the phase adjustment request in RHW by selecting the Phase Adjustment Approval tab from within the case file in RHW;
  2. documents the approval or nonapproval of the decision for the phase adjustment in a case note in RHW; and
  3. notifies the counselor that the phase adjustment was approved or denied.