11.2 Reporting Special Attention in ReHabWorks

Select the Requires Special Attention action item in ReHabWorks (RHW) at any time during the rehabilitation process, if the consumer:

  • verbally or physically threatens a CRS program staff member; or
  • has a recent history of actual or threatened physical abuse.

The action item alerts any staff member who reads the consumer’s case file in RHW.

Consider carefully whether to use the action item to avoid unnecessarily labeling of a person.

If you are later convinced that the person no longer poses a threat, delete the action item, and explain the circumstances in a case note.

When a CRS program staff member or other reliable source observes such behavior, document the behavior in a case note as specifically and as factually as possible.

Include in the case note:

  • the date that the event took place;
  • the location where the event took place;
  • the names and addresses of witnesses and people involved;
  • an account of what was said or done; and
  • the names of those willing to testify.

Report any incident affecting the security of a CRS program staff member or CRS property to CRS management and to local law enforcement, if appropriate. Place a copy of the police report in the case file if the police were involved.