Section 11000, Determination of Intellectual Disability

Revision 19-4; Effective September 9, 2019


Local intellectual and developmental disability authorities (LIDDAs) must conduct assessments to determine if persons seeking services and supports meet the criteria for a diagnosis of intellectual disability, in accordance with 40 Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 5, Subchapter D, Diagnostic Assessment.


11100 DFPS Request for DID

Revision 19-4; Effective September 9, 2019


The Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) may request a local intellectual and developmental disability authority (LIDDA) conduct a determination of intellectual disability (DID) for a person placed into Child Protective Services (CPS), or a person referred for guardianship with Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC). The LIDDA where the person currently resides will conduct the DID. To identify which LIDDA serves the area where the person resides, search Where do I Call to Get HHS Services?

DFPS will use Form 1051, Request for Determination of Intellectual Disability (DID), to make a request for a LIDDA to conduct a DID.  If the LIDDA receives a request to conduct a DID from DFPS without using Form 1051, immediately notify

The LIDDA must:

The LIDDA must maintain a copy of all emails and faxes related to a request for a DID from DFPS.

Note: HHSC Guardianship requires DIDs to be update or endorsed within the last 24 months prior to a hearing date.