1.1 Overview of Manual

The Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services (CRS) Manual is designed to provide a framework for counselors to use when making decisions and delivering quality services to eligible consumers.

Links within this manual provide additional information, including:

  • examples;
  • tools; and
  • practical application guides.

First-time users should read the manual sequentially from beginning to end to get a broad perspective of the organization and content of policy.

In this manual, the word "you" refers to the counselor or the rehabilitation services technician, as appropriate. The term "consumer" refers to anyone who applies for or receives services through the CRS program.

This manual follows the phases of the rehabilitation process from initial contact with a potential consumer to the provision of Closure and Post-Closure services. Each chapter describes the activities that may take place during that phase of the rehabilitation process. However, the rehabilitation process may not always be linear, and you may need to repeat activities, skip activities until later in the process, or begin more than one process at the same time. For example, once the Individualized Written Rehabilitation Plan is completed and services are being provided, you may need to revisit the plan if circumstances change for the consumer.

The section below identifies important key terms used throughout this manual and describes activities associated with the CRS program.