The Office of Minority Health Statistics and Engagement provides expertise in community engagement and reform efforts aimed at reducing and eliminating racial disproportionality and disparities. This is accomplished through the regional equity specialists working in communities across Texas in partnership with state and community stakeholders.

The equity specialists provide technical assistance, training and consultation to support the development of collaborations across systems and strategies to reduce and eliminate disproportionality and disparities within health and human services, education, juvenile justice, health, mental health and other systems. The specialists identify, analyze and disseminate outcome data across multiple systems, identify where disproportionality and disparities exist, explore the underlying causes, and help develop best practices with collaborative partners.

This work is informed by the Texas model to support remediation plans and actions and provide leadership around issues of race and ethnicity.

Equity Specialists

Regional Disproportionality and Disparities Advisory Committees

The equity specialists engage communities to establish regional advisory committees by developing partnerships with individuals, families, stakeholders, faith and community-based organizations, providers, and others in the public to provide ongoing guidance for disproportionality planning and implementation work, improve service delivery, and ensure people receive timely, appropriate services.

The Center for Elimination of Disproportionality and Disparities is now the Office of Minority Health Statistics and Engagement (OMHSE). The name and duties of the office were modified by Senate Bill 1, Rider 216, 85th Texas Legislature, Regular Session.

To request training and technical assistance for your organization, please complete Form 4050, Training and Technical Assistance Request.