Early Identification and Diagnosis

Secondary prevention is the detection of the disability in its earliest stages and intervening to slow or stop its progression. While some disabilities have unique physical characteristics or medical tests that help with diagnosis, diagnosing other disabilities requires families and providers to observe behaviors, developmental milestones or brain injury symptoms.

Identifying Developmental Disabilities

  • Use the CDC Milestone Tracker Mobile App or print informationto help you track your child’s developmental milestones from birth to age 5.
  • Navigate Life Texas has information about tracking milestones and what to do if you suspect something is different.
  • Early Childhood Intervention helps families with children birth to 36 months, with developmental delays, disabilities or certain medical conditions. Find information on developmental milestones, and learn how to make a referral on their website, with or without a doctor’s recommendation.
  • TexasHealthSteps.com Online Provider Education provides free continuing education credits on developmental screening to physicians, nurses, social workers, pharmacists, dentists, and others. They also provide milestone checklists and fact sheets.