About the Committee

The Advisory Committee on Qualifications for Health Care Translators and Interpreters advises HHSC on the following for health care interpreters and translators:

  • Language proficiency required for certification.
  • Training requirements.
  • Standards of practice.
  • Requirements, content, and administration of certification examinations.
  • Procedures for testing, qualifying, and certifying.
  • Reciprocity agreements with other states.

House Bill 233 from the 2009 legislative session specifies that the committee shall develop strategies for implementing applicable regulations. The committee also makes recommendations for legislation to establish and enforce the qualifications for health care interpreters and translators.

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Committee Members

Voting Members

Zee Broussard, Houston
A health care interpreter working with people who are deaf or hard of hearing

Jacque Burandt, San Antonio
Representative of a hospital

Gel Detrick, Temple
Representative of the insurance industry

Mary Esther Diaz, Austin
A health care interpreter working with people with limited English proficiency

Miguel A. Fuentes, Temple
Representative for health care consumers with limited English proficiency

Whitney Gissell, Houston
Representative of a business that provide translators and interpreters to health care practitioners

Manuel Higginbotham, Del Valle
Representative of a professional translators and interpreters association

Gabriel A. Martin, Beaumont
Representative of an institution of higher education

Margie Dorman-O'Donnell, Dallas
Health care practitioner

Irma E. Rubio, Lubbock
Health care practitioner

Detra Stewart, Houston
Representative for health care consumers who are deaf or hard of hearing

Fabio Torres, Fort Worth
Representative of an organization that provides services to immigrants and refugees

Teresa Williams, Austin
Representative of a mental health services provider

Non-Voting Members

Laura Jourdan, Austin
Health and Human Services Commission

Joan Tuttle-Vargas, Austin
Department of Aging and Disability Services

Randi Turner, Austin
Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services

Christopher Evaro, Austin
Department of Family and Protective Services

Patricia Hosey, Austin

Agenda and Minutes

The agendas and minutes for the advisory committee’s meetings are available in English on request, and summaries are available in Spanish upon request.