What we do every day plays a role in our quality of life as we get older. Aging and living well do not require a lot of money, social status or college degrees, but they do take time and planning. And the payoff is priceless. Take a moment to plan your future and start living the life you want now and as you age – you are worth it!

What is Age Well Live Well?

The Texas Health and Human Services Aging Texas Well initiative and Age Well Live Well campaign help prepare older Texans, their family members, caregivers and Texas communities for all aspects of aging.

Age Well Live Well highlights the importance of aging well and promotes increased community preparedness. The campaign outlines the steps we can take today to build a healthier tomorrow.

Communities support aging and living well by providing awareness of and access to services, education on important issues as we age and healthy options for physical activities and social engagement. Learn more about community collaborations.