November 20, 2020

In anticipation of the upcoming solicitation and resulting contract for STAR Health, the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) is issuing this Request for Public Comment to seek information and comments regarding the proposed Best Value Criteria the agency will use to evaluate and select the successful Respondent. (HHSC is required by Section 2155.144 of the Texas Government Code to acquire goods and services that provide best value to the agency. "Best value" means the optimum combination of economy and quality that is the result of fair, efficient, and practical procurement decision-making and which achieves HHSC procurement objectives. See, 1 T.A.C. §391.103.)

HHSC is proposing the Best Value Criteria in Attachment 1 (Word)  to be used for the upcoming STAR Health managed care procurement. The Best Value Criteria and their descriptions will inform the evaluation of the solicitation responses, but are not the only factors that HHSC will use to determine best value to the agency. HHSC will develop other selection criteria that will be identified in the solicitation document and will develop specific evaluation questions for use during the evaluation.

This is only a Request for Public Comment. HHSC is NOT seeking proposals for services.

HHSC encourages participation from managed care members, providers, prospective respondents, stakeholders, and anyone else interested in the STAR Health Program. All requests, questions, or other communication about the proposed Best Value Criteria must be made in writing to HHSC’s Purchasing Department, addressed to the person listed below (Sole Point of Contact):

Mr. Tomasz Gozdalski

All comments should be in MS Word format, in the “Comments” section of Attachment 1 (Word) , and must be received by the Sole Point of Contact above no later than 5 p.m. CST on December 4, 2020. Additional attachments are not desired, nor will they be reviewed. Comments should be limited to the proposed Best Value Criteria and not address other aspects of STAR Health or the solicitation process.

HHSC may, in its sole discretion, take any responses to this notice into consideration in the development and administration of the upcoming STAR Health procurement. HHSC will not publish a listing of responses received, nor will HHSC publish the disposition, if any, of any such responses. Any information received in any form may or may not be used by HHSC without restriction for any purpose determined by HHSC.

The Sole Point of Contact will distribute responses to this posting in a manner that allows subsequent HHSC staff to review those responses without consideration and/or weight given to the submitting party.

Texas Public Information Act

A response submitted to this notice is subject to public disclosure under the Texas Public Information Act, Texas Government Code, Chapter 552, unless the response, or any part of the response, can be shown to fall within one or more of the Act's exceptions to required public disclosure. If a Respondent believes that parts of the response are excepted from the required public disclosure, the Respondent must specify those parts and the exception(s) that it believes apply, with specific detailed reasons. HHSC will process any public information request for all or part of a response in accordance with the Act's procedures. Respondents should consult the Texas Attorney General's website at for information concerning the application of the Act's provisions to responses and potentially proprietary information.


This notice does not constitute a solicitation for proposals, a commitment to conduct a procurement, or an offer of a contract or a prospective contract. HHSC will not award a contract directly as a result of this notice. HHSC will not be liable for any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of comments in response to this notice. All information received by HHSC becomes the property of HHSC and will not be returned.

HHSC, at its sole discretion, may issue a related solicitation or may issue multiple solicitations based on the responses to this notice. Responding to this notice is not a condition for eligibility to respond to any subsequent solicitation. Responses to this notice will not have any bearing on the evaluation and respondent selection resulting from any proposals that may be received in response to any subsequent solicitation.