July 2, 2020

The following are recent changes that Associate Commissioner for Child Care Regulation Jean Shaw is announcing:

We’ve been slowly introducing our new name, changing from Child Care Licensing to Child Care Regulation. Since moving to HHSC, CCR has been working on continuous transformation including the following new appointments.

  • Tila Johnson is the new state office director of Residential Child Care. Tila has over 20 years of CCR experience. She has spent the past five years as the regional director of Residential Child Care in Regions 5 and 6.
  • Lana Estevilla is the new deputy associate commissioner of regional operations. The deputy associate commissioner is a new position within CCR and oversees both the Residential and Child Day Care programs. Lana has over 13 years of CCR experience. She has spent the past six years as the director of policy and operations for CCR.
  • Julie Richards is the new deputy associate commissioner for Program Operations. This is also a new position within CCR, overseeing the background check program, quality assurance program, training program, policy, rules, data and IT program. Julie has over 14 years of CCR experience spending the last five years as the director of field for daycare operations.

Additional updates include information on the comprehensive rule review project. Due to COVID, CCR has been focused on emergency rules and other COVID related projects and is taking a new approach which allows more time to do a comprehensive review.

  • Rules related to legislative implementation in Ch. 749 will be effective May 2021 as planned.
  • Rules related to the comprehensive rule review will be effective May 2022 instead of the original date of May 2021.

We appreciate the work you do and look forward to our continuing collaboration to provide the best care for children in licensed operations.