June 4, 2020

Due to COVID-19, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission is taking protective measures for the public and HHSC staff. Applicants and current contractors for Long-term Care programs and services can submit applications and other information by email or fax.

For Community-based Programs enrolled by Access and Eligibility Services – Eligibility Operations Provider Contract Management, submit contract applications and other contract information by fax to 512-206-3979 or email to HHSC Eligibility Operations Provider Contract Management.

Click on the links below for each program or service listed to find out how to become a contracted provider for those programs or services:

People who sign the contract application or any other contract documents must be referenced on either Form 2031, Designation of Authorized Individual(s) - Business Entity, or Form 2031-G, Designation of Authorized Individual(s) – Governmental Entity.