June 10, 2020

Starting June 11, Special Infection Control Assessment (SICA) teams will be conducting on-site assessments at nursing facilities to identify infection control concerns and provide immediate recommendations and guidance to facility leadership on infection control practices and mitigation strategies.

The SICA is a consultative visit to assist facilities in responding to COVID-19. It is not a long-term care regulation survey to determine compliance with federal conditions of participation or state standards for licensure.

Since these assessments are nonregulatory in nature, the SICA teams will announce their visits prior to arrival and will meet with administrative staff during these visits, which will be conducted Monday through Friday.

SICA teams are comprised of at least one person from:

  • HHSC Long-term Care Regulation
  • HHSC Quality Monitoring Program
  • BCFS Emergency Management

Nursing facility providers may contact the HHSC regional director for the region in which their facility is located if the provider has any questions about the SICA.