June 17, 2020

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission adopted rules relating to the unauthorized absence of a child from a general residential operation or a child-placing agency foster home. The rules are effective June 1, 2020.

A GRO or CPA must take further actions when a child leaves the operation or home without permission per adopted rules in Chapter 748, General Residential Operations and Chapter 749, Child-Placing Agencies. This is an unauthorized absence. These actions include:

  • Document each unauthorized absence a child has, regardless of the length of time the child is absent.
  • Maintain an annual log of each unauthorized absence and debrief the child after each unauthorized absence.
  • Conduct a triggered review for each child with three unauthorized absences within a 60-day timeframe.
  • Conducting an operation or agency evaluation every six months.

View the adopted rules and revision memos that outline the changes, and the updated Chapter 748 and Chapter 749 minimum standard publications at Minimum Standards | Texas Health and Human Services.