June 8, 2020

The Client Assignment and Registration System will be processing auto-renewals for Individual Plans of Care that expire in June 2020 one week before the IPC expiration date. If a service plan team meeting was held to renew the IPC, program providers will be able to enter renewed IPCs up until one week before the expiration of the current IPC.

If the SPT meeting was not held to renew the IPC at least one week before the expiration of the current IPC, the IPC will be auto-renewed in CARE and the “MRA review status” will be bypassed. No action in CARE is needed by the program provider or the Local Intellectual and Developmental Disability Authority to process the auto-renewal of the IPC. Program providers must continue to work with the LIDDA service coordinators to make changes or corrections on IPCs that have been auto-renewed in CARE. SPT meetings for auto-renewed IPCs must be held as described in IL 20-11 (PDF).